Critter Care is located in the beautiful Hockley Valley on 4 acres of forest with a small meandering stream. We have approximately 1 acre of fenced area where dogs can be dogs while chasing a ball, which our handlers are always happy to throw, wandering around checking out the smells or just lazing around under the shade of a tree.

   At Critter Care there are no cages or pens. Dogs are free to roam around in our large climate controlled indoor sleeping area where they can sleep on dog beds or on couches. This area also has video cameras for 24 hour surveillance. There are also smaller areas for dogs that like things a little quieter.

   Do you have to work all day while your dog sits at home alone? Then Doggy Daycare is your answer. Drop your dog off before you go to work and pick him up when you get home. We guarantee that he will go home happy and exhausted after a full day of exercise and play time with other dogs. This is also an excellent way to socialize with other dogs.

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